Omo Change


“Omo Change”, is a project which has been started in 2011. The aim of this project is to tell and to document, the big investments from European and Chinese countries in the Omo Valley, one of the most important place for its peculiar biodiversity despite the desert or semi-desert ambient.
A big dam construction, foreign investments for brand new cotton farms and the road network, are changing dramatically both the naturalistic ambient and the local population daily life. The Omo Change project won the World Press Photo in Long Term Category in 2017 an won the Yves Rocher Grant in 2017.

Limited Edition is a limited edition (50 copies). It comes with a box and 2 print fine art (20x15 cm) and 2 digital contact sheet.

Fotoevidence Editions | 180 pages | Size 25 cm x 25 cm | Artic Volume Ivory 150gr paper | Bookbinding "Swiss Open" | Editor by Régina Monfort | Graphic design by Melike Taşçıoğlu | Maps designed by Riccardo Pravettoni | Introduction by Igiaba Scego | Preface by Marirosa Iannelli. 

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